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Although this site originally concentrated on the ancestors and descendants of Rodolphe & Rose Babeu (from North Adams, MA), we hope that all Babeu-Family descendants will help with the Babeu Project so that we can expand this website and create a single Babeu Family Tree.

We believe that most of the Babeu families in North America are descended from Andre Babeu who came to LaPrairie, Quebec in the 1690s. Thus most or ALL Babeu, and possibly Babeuf, Babeux, Babbie, Babbey, Babby, Barber, Barbeux, Barbau, Babeau (?), and other variations are related and can be linked in a single family tree.

We are working with several Babeu family researchers on this project, most notably, Anita Babeuf Riddell in Alberta and Colette Babeu in Quebec ( Anita hopes to compile a "Babeu Family Bible" -- a book of Babeu family history, anecdotes and pictures. Please visit her website at

or email her at

We are collecting information about ALL Babeu marriages, births & deaths in the hopes of creating a single Babeu Family Tree (we have about 2000 Babeu Family members in our database so far). Please check the Unconnected Babeu page, in which we're listing unconnected Babeu family units. Some may provide important missing links to construct the Babeu Tree.

We're also looking for any family lore, documents and pictures that you might have of Babeu ancestors and descendants. We've gathered some so far including numerous gravestones from our recent trip to Laprairie and St. Philippe, Quebec. Not all are here on the website. Also, we've tried not to include living family members on the site. But if you're a Babeu family member we'll be happy to share additional information.


Linda Babeu Silverstein & Bob Silverstein

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Babeu: from Babouef, community in the Dept of Oisse and of Compiegne. Derived from the verb, Baber, to surrender.

Babeau: from Haute-Maine, in the community of Voillecomte; Babeau a phantom, imagined was once invoked in Languedon to frighten little children. (Duchet interprets this word as making a menacing face. Also means gift-giving festivity. )

[Origine des familles Canadiennes-francaises; Dionne]

Babel - ancient baptismal name. Pronounced as Babeau, popular form of Baylois, name of a beatified patriarch from Antioch. Babet - spelling variation of Babey, may represent the pronunciation of the late Middle Ages (final consonant is no longer pronounced), or a variant of Isabelle. (this name) Variants Babin, Babot - Des Babelet, -in, -on, and contractions Babet, Bablin, babinet, babineau (in Poitou). For Babin, Babinet a confusion with babine (variant of Babouine) and perpetuated, just as for Babeau and Babot with Bbaut, old precursor and subsequent forms.

[Dictionnaire Etymologique des nomes de Famille et
Prenomes de France; Dauzat, 1951]